Section 22-11A-8

Health officer to investigate complaints of diseases; afflicted persons to be moved to suitable place; expenses of removal.

Whenever complaint is made in writing to the health officer of a county that a person, not at his own home, is afflicted with any of the notifiable diseases or health conditions designated by the State Board of Health, such health officer shall, thoroughly and promptly, investigate said complaint. If, upon investigation, said health officer is of the opinion that said complaint is well founded, he may cause such person to be removed to such place as may have been provided for such cases in the county, city or town in which such person is found or, if there is no such place provided for such cases, then, to such place as said health officer may deem suitable, subject to the approval of the authorities of the county, city or town, as the case may be. The removal of said person shall be at the expense of said person, or, in case the person is a minor, then, at the expense of his parent or guardian or, if the person be indigent, then, at the expense of the town, city, or county, as the case may be.

(Acts 1987, No. 87-574, p. 904, §8.)