Section 26-2A-107

Emergency orders; temporary guardians.

(a) If an incapacitated person has no guardian, an emergency exists, and no other person appears to have authority to act in the circumstances, on appropriate petition the court, without notice, may appoint a temporary guardian whose authority may not extend beyond 30 days and who may exercise those powers granted in the order.

(b) If the appointed guardian is not effectively performing duties and the court further finds that the welfare of the incapacitated person requires immediate action, it may appoint, with or without notice, a temporary guardian for the incapacitated person having the powers of a general guardian for a specified period not to exceed six months. The authority of any permanent guardian previously appointed by the court is suspended as long as a temporary guardian has authority.

(c) The court may remove a temporary guardian at any time. A temporary guardian shall make any report and comply with any conditions the court imposes or requires. In other respects the provisions of this chapter concerning guardians apply to temporary guardians.

(Acts 1987, No. 87-590, p. 975, §2-208; Act 2015-464, §1.)