Section 26-2A-116

Notice requirements.

(a) Except as provided under subsection (b), provided the relative has supplied the guardian with his or her current contact information, the guardian shall as soon as practicable inform relatives of any of the following:

(1) The ward dies.

(2) The ward is admitted to a medical facility for acute or chronic care for a period of three days or more.

(3) The ward's residence has changed.

(4) The ward is staying at a location other than the ward's residence for a period that exceeds one calendar week.

(5) In the case of the ward's death, the guardian shall inform relatives of any funeral arrangements and the location of the ward's final resting place.

(b) The court shall relieve a guardian of the duty to provide notice to a relative under this division, if the court finds that:

(1) The relative entitled to notice about the ward has submitted a written request to the guardian electing not to receive notice about a ward's health and residence.

(2) A protective order was issued against the relative to protect the ward.

(3) The court ordered that the relative not be given this information.

(Act 2016-404, §2.)