Section 26-2A-149

Recording of conservator's letters.

(a) Except for property unaffected by the appointment of a conservator specified in Section 26-2A-148(a), letters of conservatorship are evidence of transfer of all assets, or the part thereof specified in the letters, of a protected person to the conservator. An order terminating a conservatorship is evidence of transfer of all assets subject to the conservatorship from the conservator to the protected person, or to successors of the person.

(b) Subject to the requirements of general statutes governing the filing or recordation of documents of title to land or other property, letters of conservatorship and orders terminating conservatorships may be filed or recorded to give record notice of title as between the conservator and the protected person. For the filing and recordation of letters of conservatorship and orders terminating conservatorships, the probate judge shall receive the same compensation (fees of registration) therefor as for recording deeds to land, but no tax levied upon the recordation of mortgages, deeds, and instruments of like character shall be levied upon or collected.

(Acts 1987, No. 87-590, p. 975, §2-320.)