Section 26-2A-154

Enlargement or limitation of powers of conservator.

Subject to the restrictions in Section 26-2A-136(c), a court having equity jurisdiction may confer on a conservator at the time of appointment or later, in addition to the powers conferred by Sections 26-2A-152 and 26-2A-153, any power that the court itself could exercise under Sections 26-2A-136(b)(2) and 26-2A-136(b)(3). The court, at the time of appointment or later, may limit the powers of a conservator otherwise conferred by Sections 26-2A-152 and 26-2A-153 or previously conferred by the court and may at any time remove or modify any limitation. If the court limits any power conferred on the conservator by Section 26-2A-152 or Section 26-2A-153, or specifies, as provided in Section 26-2A-148(a), that title to some but not all assets of the protected person vests in the conservator, the limitation or specification of assets subject to the conservatorship must be endorsed upon the letters of appointment.

(Acts 1987, No. 87-590, p. 975, §2-325.)