Section 26-2A-71

Parental appointment of guardian for minor.

(a) The parent of an unmarried minor may appoint a guardian for the minor by will, or other writing signed by the parent and attested by at least two witnesses or acknowledged.

(b) Subject to the right of the minor under Section 26-2A-72, if both parents are dead or incapacitated or the surviving parent has no parental rights or has been adjudged to be incapacitated, a parental appointment becomes effective when the guardian seasonably files an acceptance in the court in which a nominating instrument is probated, or, in the case of a nontestamentary nominating instrument, in the court at the place where the minor resides or is present. If two or more appointments are made, the latter in time has priority, and if both parents are dead or incapacitated, an effective appointment by the parent, who was eligible to make the appointment and who dies or became incapacitated later in time, has priority.

(c) A parental appointment effected by filing the guardian's acceptance under a will probated in the state of the testator's domicile is effective in this state.

(d) Upon acceptance of appointment, the guardian shall give written notice as to when the appointment is effective to the minor and to the person having the minor's care or the minor's nearest adult relative.

(Acts 1987, No. 87-590, p. 975, §2-102.)