Section 28-8-2

Designation of exclusive sales territory and exclusive wholesaler.

Each manufacturer or importer of alcholic beverages licensed by the board authorizing such licensee to sell its alcoholic beverages within the State of Alabama, whose alcoholic beverages are sold through wholesale licensees of the board to retail licensees of the board, shall designate exclusive sales territories for each of its brands sold in Alabama and shall name one licensed wholesaler for each such sales territory who, within such territory, shall be the exclusive wholesaler for said brand or brands; provided where a manufacturer or importer licensee has more than one brand of alcoholic beverages sold within this state, such licensee may designate the exclusive sales territory to a different wholesaler for the sale of each of its brands and may designate a different sales territory for each of its brands. Such manufacturer or importer licensee shall enter into a territorial agreement, in writing, designating the exclusive territory and authorizing the sale by a designated licensed wholesaler of that brand or brands within the designated territory. Such manufacturer or importer shall not designate more than one wholesaler for each brand for all or any part of a designated sales territory, and the written territorial agreement shall not provide for the distribution of a brand or brands to more than one licensed wholesaler for all or any part of the designated territory. All such territorial agreements shall be filed with the board.

(Acts 1984, No. 84-374, p. 876, §2.)