Section 32-5A-190.1

Homicide by vehicle.

(a) A person who causes the death of another person while knowingly engaged in the violation of Title 32, Chapter 5A, excluding Section 32-5A-191, applying to the operation or use of a vehicle, as defined in Section 32-1-1.1 (81), may be guilty of homicide by vehicle when the violation is the proximate cause of the death.

(b) A person convicted of homicide by vehicle under subsection (a) is guilty of a Class C felony.

(c) By the tenth day of the 2022 Legislative Regular Session, the Administrative Office of Courts and the Office of Prosecution Services will report to the Legislature the statistical information from court records relating to this charge.

(Act 2017-336, §2; Act 2018-406, §1(b)(7).)