Section 34-23-157

Components transferred to nonoriginal container; advance product preparation; labeling.

(a) If a component is transferred from the original container to another container, including, but not limited to, a powder being taken from the original container and stored in another container, the new container shall be identified with the following information:

(1) Component name and supplier.

(2) Lot number and expiration date, if available.

(3) Strength and concentration.

(b) Products prepared in anticipation of a prescription prior to receiving a valid prescription shall be prepared in reasonable amounts. Products shall be labeled or documentation referenced with all of the following information:

(1) A complete list of ingredients or designated name of the preparation.

(2) Preparation date.

(3) Beyond use date.

(4) Storage under conditions dictated by composition and stability, including storage in a clean, dry place or in the refrigerator.

(5) Batch or lot number.

(c) Upon the completion of the drug preparation operation, the pharmacist shall examine the product for correct labeling. The prescription label shall contain all of the information required of other prescriptions.

(Act 2003-389, p. 1094, §8.)