Section 34-23-76

Repackaging, relabeling, and storing of non-controlled legend drugs for certain residential care facility patients.

(a) The Board of Pharmacy may establish by rule protocols allowing a pharmacy in possession of a current retail pharmacy permit to repackage, relabel, and store any non-controlled legend drug for a patient residing in a residential care facility which does not have a pharmacy located on the premises.

(b) For purposes of this section, a residential care facility means any of the following:

(1) A convalescent home.

(2) A nursing home.

(3) An extended care facility.

(4) A mental health or psychiatric facility.

(5) A rehabilitation facility.

(6) A developmental disability center.

(7) An assisted living facility.

(8) A speciality care assisted living facility.

(Act 2011-520, p. 836, §1.)