Section 34-23-91

Duties of officers; bonds of secretary and treasurer; compensation and expenses; meetings; quorum; funds and disbursements; books and records.

The president of the board shall preside at all of the board's meetings. The vice-president shall preside in the absence or inability of the president. The secretary of the board shall be the executive officer in charge of the board's office. The secretary shall make, keep, and be in charge of all records and record books required to be kept by the board, including a register containing all information which shall be required under this chapter. The secretary shall attend to the correspondence of the board and perform any other duties the board may require in keeping with the office of secretary. The secretary shall receive and record all fees collected under this chapter and, at regular intervals as ordered by the board, shall pay the fees to the treasurer of the board for its use. The secretary may have any forms printed and office supplies furnished as necessary to implement this chapter. The secretary and treasurer of the board shall each furnish bond in an amount to be fixed by the board and shall be conditioned upon the faithful performance and discharge of their respective official duties. The members of the board shall be paid the same per diem and travel allowance as is paid by law to state employees while engaged in the performance of the duties of the board, in addition to any daily compensation or allowance determined by the board. The board shall conduct meetings at least three times annually and more often when deemed necessary for the examination of applicants for licensure and for the transaction of business as may legally come before it. Public notice of all stated meetings shall be given at least 30 days in advance of the meetings. At all meetings of the board, a majority shall constitute a quorum. The members of the board shall determine the place of meetings of the board. The treasurer of the board shall have custody of all funds derived from the various provisions of this chapter. All disbursements shall be made by check as authorized by vouchers signed by the president and secretary of the board. The books and records of the board as made and kept by the secretary or under his or her supervision shall be prima facie evidence of the matter therein recorded in any court.

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