Section 34-25-34

Refusal, suspension, reprimand, probation, or revocation - Hearing.

(a) Where there is cause to refuse an application or to suspend or revoke the license of any polygraph examiner, the board shall, not less than 30 days before refusal, suspension, or revocation action is taken, notify such person in writing, in person or by registered or certified mail at the last address supplied to the board by such person, of such impending refusal, suspension, or revocation, the reasons therefor and of his or her right to an administrative hearing for the purpose of determining whether or not the evidence is sufficient to warrant the refusal, suspension, or revocation action proposed to be taken by the board. If, within 20 days after the personal service of such notice or such notice has been deposited in the United States mail, such person has not made a written request to the board for this administrative hearing, the board is authorized to suspend or revoke the polygraph examiner's license of such person without a hearing. Upon receipt by the board of such written request of such person within 20 days as set out above, an opportunity for an administrative hearing shall be afforded as early as is practicable. In no case shall the hearing be held less than 10 days after written notification thereof, including a copy of the charges, shall have been given the person by personal service or by registered or certified mail sent to the last address supplied to the board by the applicant or licensee. The administrative hearing in such cases shall be before the board.

(b) The board shall conduct the administrative hearing and it is authorized to administer oaths and issue subpoenas for attendance of witnesses and the production of relevant books, papers, documents, etc. On the basis of the evidence submitted at the hearing, the board shall take whatever action it deems necessary in refusing the application or suspending or revoking the license.

(Acts 1971, No. 2056, p. 3307, §21.)