Section 34-25-5

Administration and enforcement of chapter; deposits and expenditures; per diem and travel expenses for board members; purchasing; board exempt from sales tax.

(a) The board shall issue regulations and forms consistent with this chapter for the administration and enforcement of this chapter.

(b) An order or a certified copy thereof, over board seal and purporting to be signed by the board members, shall be prima facie proof that the signatures are the genuine signatures of the board members and that the board members are fully qualified to act.

(c) On April 11, 1989, all moneys and appropriations credited to the Board of Polygraph Examiners under the provisions of Article 4 of Chapter 4, Title 41, shall be transferred by the State Treasurer to the charge and custody of the Board of Polygraph Examiners of the Alabama Department of Public Safety; and the board shall administer the fund as provided by law. The fund is hereby officially known as the Board of Polygraph Examiners Fund.

All fees collected under this chapter shall be paid to the Board of Polygraph Examiners Fund for the purpose of administering and enforcing this chapter and shall be deposited in the fund.

Warrants shall be issued by the Department of Finance, office of the state Comptroller, for board expenses and operation provided that no funds shall be withdrawn except as budgeted and allotted according to Article 4 of Chapter 4 of Title 41 and only in the amounts as stipulated in the general appropriations bill.

(d) Board members and advisory consultants shall be paid one hundred dollars ($100) per day plus mileage for attendance at regular or special board meetings, only for the actual days of meeting. The board may approve the payment for a board member when authorized by the board to perform certain other duties of the board when not in formal, regular, or special session.

(e) Employees shall be paid the same mileage expenses and travel allowance as provided for regular state employees.

(f) The board may determine all resources necessary for the operation of the board. Purchasing shall be in accordance with the state bid law.

(g) The board shall be exempt from payment of state sales tax.

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