Section 34-4-25

Licensing requirements; irrevocable consent.

(a) An individual may become an auctioneer or apprentice auctioneer in this state by conforming to this chapter. If an auctioneer or apprentice auctioneer has a lawsuit or other legal action filed and pending against him or her in this or any other state, the board may not issue a license to him or her until final disposition of the action, and then only at the discretion of the board. The terms "auctioneer" and "apprentice auctioneer" shall include any individual, firm, company, partnership, association, or corporation by whom the "auctioneer" or "apprentice auctioneer" is employed.

(b) Every applicant shall file an irrevocable consent that actions may be commenced against the applicant in the proper court in the county in this state in which a cause of action may arise, in which the plaintiff may reside, by service of any process or pleadings authorized by laws of this state on the board, or a deputy to be designated by the board, the consent stipulating and agreeing that service of process or pleading shall be begun and held in all courts to be as valid and binding as if due service had been made upon the applicant in this state. The consent shall be duly acknowledged and, if made by a corporation, shall be authenticated by the seal of the corporation. In case of any process or pleadings mentioned in this chapter being served upon the board or upon a deputy to be designated by the board, duplicated copies shall be made, one of which shall be filed in the office of the secretary of the board, and the other immediately forwarded by registered or certified mail to the main office of the applicant against which process or pleadings are directed. No default in the proceedings or action shall be taken unless it shall be made to appear by affidavit of a member of the board, or a deputy designated by the board, that a copy of the process or pleadings was mailed to the defendant as herein required. Judgment by default shall be taken in any action or proceedings within 20 days after the date of the mailing of process or pleadings to the defendant.

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