Section 34-6-12

Gambling in billiard room prohibited; underage customers prohibited in establishments selling alcohol.

No dice, cards, dominoes, or other games of chance shall be permitted, nor any form of gambling allowed in any billiard room, or in any room in which billiard tables are located, or in any cigar store or other business located in the same room; and no game prohibited by law shall be played on the premises, and it is expressly provided that the games as are now known as Kelly pool, keno, star pool, scrub, and similar gambling devices are expressly prohibited, and that no racing or other betting pool shall be exhibited, permitted, or sold in the place of business. However, no establishment operating under the extended hours and allowing the sale, service, or use of alcohol, under the provisions of this section, may have customers in the establishment who are not of legal drinking age. In counties having populations of not less than 56,500 nor more than 59,000, according to the 1970 or any subsequent federal decennial census, domino games shall be lawful in billiard rooms or other rooms in which billiard tables are located.

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