Section 35-20-10

Delivery of certain information to the board upon election.

Within 90 days of the selection of the board of directors of the association as provided in Section 35-20-9, the declarant, or his or her designee, shall deliver to the board of directors all of the following:

(1) All books, records, and governing documents of the association in the possession of the declarant, or any person or entity under the declarant's control.

(2) All records of any outstanding and unpaid assessments.

(3) Any contracts of the association with any third parties respecting the operation of the association or the maintenance and upkeep of any property of the association.

(4) Any insurance policies currently in force.

(5) A list of the names and addresses of the members of the association as shown on its records.

(6) Any written unexpired warranties of any contractor or subcontractors, suppliers, or manufacturers relative to the common area or any improvements to the common area.

(Act 2015-292, §10.)