Section 35-20-9

Notice of election.

(a) Within 120 days of the date the members have the right to elect a board of directors pursuant to the declaration or other governing documents of the association to elect a board of directors, the declarant shall give written notice pursuant to Section 10A-3-2.03 of a special meeting of the membership for the purpose of electing a board of directors.

(b) In addition to the notice required under Section 10A-3-2.03, the notice under subsection (a) shall also satisfy the following:

(1) State that the purpose of the meeting is the election of a board of directors pursuant to the declaration and the governing documents of the association.

(2) Provide for nominations of candidates for election to the board of directors at the meeting on the written consent of at least 10 percent of the membership, unless otherwise provided in the governing documents.

(3) State the names of all existing directors and the names of the directors who may continue to serve as directors.

(Act 2015-292, §9.)