Section 35-4-151

Error in any description sufficient to maintain civil action.

In order to authorize a person claiming title under the grantee in a deed, mortgage, or other conveyance containing an erroneous description to maintain a civil action for the reformation of the same, it shall not be necessary that there shall be any error in description in all the conveyances constituting the chain of title from the grantor in the conveyance containing the erroneous description to the complainant; but, if it shall reasonably appear that it was the purpose or intention of each grantor to convey the land which was intended to be conveyed in said deed, mortgage or other conveyance containing the erroneous description, the complainant shall be entitled to a reformation of such deed, mortgage, or other conveyance.

(Acts 1911, No. 227, p. 199; Code 1923, §6961; Code 1940, T. 47, §134.)