Section 35-4-27

Acknowledgment - Proof of official seal.

All deeds, powers of attorney and other instruments of conveyance, affidavits or contracts purporting to be acknowledged, proved or verified as prescribed by law, and which have been recorded or may hereafter be recorded in the office of the judge of probate of the proper county in this state, and transcripts thereof from such record shall be prima facie evidence that the seal of such officer acknowledging or attesting such instrument was his official seal and that it was affixed by him in his official capacity; and all such instruments and certified copies thereof shall have the same force and effect and shall be received in evidence in any court in this state without further proof of the due execution of such instrument or proof of the seal of any officer so certifying or attesting and that the same was affixed by him as his official seal, in his official capacity, whether he be an officer of this state or of any other state, territory or district of the United States.

(Acts 1920, No. 82, p. 135; Code 1923, §6843; Code 1940, T. 47, §28.)