Section 35-4-30

Form of probate of conveyance.

The form of a probate of a conveyance or other instrument is as follows:
The State of ________}
____________ County}

I, (name and style of the officer), hereby certify that ______, a subscribing witness to the foregoing conveyance, known to me, appeared before me on this day, and being sworn, stated that _______, the grantor, voluntarily executed the same in his presence, and in the presence of the other subscribing witness, on the day the same bears date; that he attested the same in the presence of the grantor, and of the other witness, and that such other witness subscribed his name as a witness in his presence. Given under my hand, this ______ day of _____, A. D._____.
A. B. Judge, etc. (or as the case may be).

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