Section 35-4-322

Application to compel conveyance - Contents; notice generally; decree; appeals.

Such application must be by petition, setting out the contract or agreement, the lands to be conveyed and stating the names of the heirs and personal representatives of the contracting party, which of them are of full age and which are minors; and the judge of probate must give notice of such petition by 20 days' written notice to the personal representative and resident heirs of the contracting party, to be served by any sheriff and, if any one or more are nonresidents, by publication in some newspaper published in his county and in the county in which the lands lie; or, if none is published therein, the paper published in the place nearest to the county site of such county, once a week for three successive weeks; and if, on the hearing of such application, it appears that such agreement or contract was fairly made and the consideration or conditions of the same paid or performed, such judge must decree the conveyance to be executed by the personal representative of the party so contracting, according to the terms thereof; and such personal representative, failing to execute such conveyance in conformity with such decree, must be imprisoned until he executes the same; either party having the right to appeal as on other final judgments and decrees of the probate court.

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