Section 35-4-384

Sale of contingent interests by state institutions.

Any state institution including schools, colleges, or other educational institutions which may own or be entitled to any contingent interest in any real estate situated in the State of Alabama, whether such interest is derived through a will or otherwise, is hereby authorized to sell or otherwise dispose of such contingent interest upon such terms and for such price as the managing head of such institution may deem fair and just; provided, that such sale shall be approved by the executive committee of the board of trustees, of such institution, if such institution has a board of trustees; provided further, that in the event such institution shall not have a board of trustees or there shall not be in existence an executive committee of such board of trustees, then such sale or disposition shall be approved by the Governor and the Attorney General. In the event of any such sale or disposition of any such interest, such institution is hereby authorized and empowered to execute to the purchaser a conveyance or conveyances of such interest sold or disposed of, and the said conveyance or conveyances shall be executed in the name of such institution by the presiding officer of its board of trustees, or in the name of the State of Alabama, by the Governor of Alabama; and the execution of the same shall be attested by the secretary of such board of trustees in the event the same is executed by the presiding officer of such board of trustees; or in the event that such conveyance is executed by the Governor, the same shall be attested by the Secretary of State, and the seal of the State of Alabama shall be affixed thereto.

(Acts 1927, No. 29, p. 32; Code 1940, T. 47, §56.)