Section 35-4-62

Locations for recording conveyances in real property, deeds, mortgages, etc.

(a) Conveyances of real property shall be recorded in the county in which the property is situated.

(b) A deed, mortgage, certificate of judgment, state or federal tax lien, lis pendens, or financing statement filed pursuant to Article 9A (commencing with Section 7-9A-101) of Title 7, conveying or affecting an interest in real property in counties divided into divisions, in counties that maintain more than one courthouse, or in counties that maintain one or more courthouse annexes, may be recorded in either division of the county, in any courthouse located within the county, or in any courthouse annex located within the county when conveyances of real property recorded within the county are electronically stored and indexed so that retrieval of all recordings, after August 1, 2004, may be accomplished from any courthouse or courthouse annex within the county.

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