Section 35-4-67

Proof of conveyances executed in name of corporation.

(a) Any deed, mortgage or other conveyance of property which purports on its face to have been executed in the name of any corporation by any person as its president, vice-president, or secretary, or by any one or more of said persons, shall, when attested by one or more witnesses or acknowledged by such person or persons before any officer authorized by the laws of this state to take and certify acknowledgments, be prima facie evidence that such conveyance was executed in the name of said corporation by such person or persons as such officer or officers and that said person or persons were such officer or officers of said corporation and duly authorized by said corporation to execute said conveyance in its name.

(b) All conveyances of real property, or any interest therein, whether absolute or on condition, which have been executed and acknowledged as provided by subsection (a) of this section, or attested and proved as conveyances of real property by individuals are proved, shall, when recorded, be received in evidence in any court of this state without further proof.

(c) If it appears to the court that the original conveyance has been lost or destroyed or that the party offering a transcript has not the custody or control thereof, the court must receive the transcript, duly certified, in place of the original unless said corporation is in bona fide possession of the property and one of its officers makes affidavit that said conveyance is a forgery.

(Acts 1911, No. 44, p. 31; Code 1923, §§6862-6864; Code 1940, T. 47, §§106-108.)