Section 35-4-76

Limitations on duration of option to purchase land.

(a) No option to purchase any interest in land, other than an option limited in favor of a lessee and exercisable at a time not later than the end of the term of a lease or any extension or renewal thereof, or an option to repurchase reserved by the grantor in a deed, shall be valid or enforceable for a period of more than 20 years. If any such option may, by the terms of the instrument creating it, continue to exist for longer than 20 years, it shall terminate and cease to be enforceable 20 years after the time of its creation. Where the instrument creating any such option shall place no limit upon the duration of the option or otherwise state the terms controlling the duration of the option, the option shall cease to be enforceable two years after the time of its creation. This section shall not apply to options created prior to January 31, 1972.

(b) Where an option to purchase land, or any interest therein, or any renewal or extension of such option, has been recorded in the public records of land and one year has elapsed since the expiration of such option or renewal or extension thereof, according to the terms of the recorded instrument by which it was created, extended, or renewed, and no instrument of record gives notice that such option has been exercised, the instrument by which the option was created, renewed, or extended shall cease to be notice of the option, its renewal, or extension, nor shall any person be put on inquiry with respect to the exercise or existence of such option; provided, that this subsection shall become effective January 31, 1973.

(c) Subsection (b) of this section shall not apply where a person claiming an option is in possession of the land affected by the option.

(Acts 1971, 3rd Ex. Sess., No. 180, p. 4440.)