Section 35-4-96

Conveyances of personalty to minors.

All conveyances of personal property in favor of minor children, except by will, where the custody, control, and visible possession thereof is suffered to remain by the donor with the father or mother of such children, vest an absolute estate in such father or mother so in possession, in favor of the purchasers from, and creditors of, such father or mother, without notice, unless the conveyance is recorded within three years after such possession commenced in this state in the county of the residence of such father or mother.

(Code 1852, §1296; Code 1867, §1566; Code 1876, §2175; Code 1886, §1819; Code 1896, §1014; Code 1907, §3391; Code 1923, §6895; Code 1940, T. 47, §128.)