Section 35-8-10

Bylaws of association.

The bylaws govern the administration and management of the condominium property by the association. In addition to such other provisions as may be desired, not inconsistent with this chapter or the declaration, the bylaws shall contain:

(1) The form of administration, indicating the titles of the officers and governing board of the association, if any, and specifying the powers, duties, and manner of selection, removal, and compensation, if any, of officers and board members.

(2) The name and residence address of the person designated as agent to receive service of process upon the association if the association is not incorporated. Such agent must be a resident of this state.

(3) The method of calling meetings of unit owners, the percentage of unit owners or voting rights required to make decisions regarding administration and management of the condominium property and to constitute a quorum, but such bylaws may nevertheless provide that unit owners may waive notice of meetings or may act by written agreement without meetings.

(4) Provision for the maintenance of accounting records, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, open to inspection by unit owners at reasonable times. Such records shall include:

a. A record of all receipts and expenditures.

b. An account for each unit, setting forth any shares of common expenses or limited common expenses or other charges due, the due dates thereof, the present balance due and any interest in common surplus or limited common surplus.

(5) The method of amending the bylaws, which shall require recording of any such amendment before it shall become effective. Such method need not be the same as that used for amendment of the declaration.

(Acts 1964, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 206, p. 266, §§18, 19; Acts 1973, No. 1059, p. 1732, §10.)