Section 35-8-15

Taxes, special assessments, etc.

All property taxes, special assessments, and other charges imposed by any taxing authority shall be separately assessed against and collected on each unit as a single parcel, and not on the condominium property as a whole. Such taxes, assessments, and charges shall constitute a lien only upon the unit and upon no other portion of the condominium property. All laws authorizing exemptions or deductions from taxation shall be applicable to each individual unit to the same extent they are applicable to other property. The total of the assessments for tax purposes against the aggregate of all units constituting the condominium property shall not exceed the assessment which would otherwise have been made against such condominium property as a single parcel had it not been submitted to this chapter.

(Acts 1964, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 206, p. 266, §22; Acts 1973, No. 1059, p. 1732, §15.)