Section 35-8A-211

Alterations of units.

Subject to the provisions of the declaration and other provisions of law, a unit owner:

(1) May make any improvements or alterations to his or her unit that do not impair the structural integrity, or mechanical systems, or lessen the support of any portion of the condominium;

(2) May not substantially or adversely change the appearance of the common elements, or the exterior appearance of a unit or any other portion of the condominium, without permission of the association;

(3) After acquiring an adjoining unit, or an adjoining part of an adjoining unit, may remove or alter any intervening partition or create apertures therein, even if the partition in whole or in part is a common element, if those acts do not impair the structural integrity or mechanical systems or lessen the support of any portion of the condominium. Removal of partitions or creation of apertures under this subdivision is not an alteration of boundaries.

(Acts 1990, No. 90-551, p. 858, §2-111; Act 2018-403, §1.)