Section 35-8A-416

Declarant's obligation to complete and restore.

(a) Except for improvements labeled, "NEED NOT BE BUILT" the declarant shall complete all improvements depicted on any site plan or graphic representation including plats or plans prepared pursuant to section 35-8A-209, whether or not that site plan or other graphic representation is contained in the offering statement or any promotional material distributed by or for the declarant.

(b) The declarant is subject to liability for the prompt repair and restoration, to a condition compatible with the remainder of the condominium, of any portion of the condominium affected by the declarant's exercise of rights reserved pursuant to or created by sections 35-8A-210 through 35-8A-213, 35-8A-215, and 35-8A-216.

(Acts 1990, No. 90-551, p. 858, §4-116.)