Section 35-9-12

Seizure of crops upon abandonment of premises.

When a tenant abandons or removes from the premises or any part thereof, the landlord or his agent or attorney may seize upon any grain or other crops grown or growing upon the premises or part thereof so abandoned, whether the rent is due or not. If such grain or other crops or any part thereof is not fully grown or matured, the landlord or his agent or attorney may cause the same to be properly cultivated and harvested or gathered, and may sell and dispose of the same, and apply the proceeds, so far as may be necessary, to compensate him for his labor and expenses and to pay the rent and advances. The tenant may, at any time before the sale of the property so seized, redeem the same by tendering the rent and advances due and reasonable compensation, and expenses of the cultivation and harvesting or gathering the same.

(Code 1923, §8830; Code 1940, T. 31, §13.)