Section 36-21-64

Board of Commissioners of Alabama Peace Officers' Annuity and Benefit Fund - Powers and duties generally.

The board shall have the following powers in carrying out its responsibilities under this article:

(1) To collect all moneys provided in this article to be collected by it;

(2) To provide for and maintain all necessary administrative facilities and personnel;

(3) To provide for payment of all administrative salaries, fees and expenses;

(4) To cause its moneys to be invested and its investments sold or exchanged and the proceeds and income collected;

(5) To determine who is a peace officer;

(6) To pass upon all applications for annuities and benefits provided for in this article;

(7) To adopt such rules and regulations as may be necessary or desirable to expedite the administration of the affairs of the board and as shall not be inconsistent with the laws of the state;

(8) To provide descriptive literature respecting the fund;

(9) To pay all benefits and annuities that may be determined to be due under this article and under the rules and regulations of the board;

(10) To make refunds and repayments to which members may be entitled under this article;

(11) To employ such agents, attorneys, actuaries and other specialized personnel as shall be necessary or desirable to enable the board to carry on its functions in a proper and actuarily sound manner;

(12) To receive by gift, grant, devise or bequest any moneys or properties of any nature or description;

(13) To carry out any powers expressly granted elsewhere in this article to the board; and

(14) All other powers necessary for the proper administration of the provisions of this article.

(Acts 1969, No. 999, p. 1855, §6; Acts 1971, No. 1210, p. 2104, §6.)