Section 36-21-65

Board of Commissioners of Alabama Peace Officers' Annuity and Benefit Fund - Maintenance of records, etc.

It shall be the duty of the board to keep permanent records of its membership, receipts, disbursements, investments and all of its other affairs under this article. Such records of the members shall show with respect to each member his name, age, date of beginning of prior service, date of beginning of membership service, the amount of all payments made by him to the fund, the date of any incapacity and the nature thereof and reason therefor, the amount of all annuities or benefits, if any, paid to him under this article and such other information with respect to each member as shall be deemed necessary by the board for the proper determination of eligibility for annuities and benefits under this article and the amount of potential liability of the fund for the same. All records, papers, documents and other data of the board shall be carefully preserved in a safe, secure and permanent manner.

(Acts 1969, No. 999, p. 1855, §7; Acts 1971, No. 1210, p. 2104, §7.)