Section 36-21-68

Eligibility for membership; application and fees.

Nothing in this article shall be construed as requiring that any member of the fund become a member of the association or the order, or that any member of the association or the order become a member of the fund.

Each peace officer who becomes a member shall pay to the fund a regular fee in an amount of up to forty dollars ($40) to be determined by the Board of Commissioners based upon the recommendation of the actuary, to be paid on or before the tenth calendar day of each month so long as he or she is a member or until he or she becomes entitled to benefits hereunder. A member who has 30 years of qualified service in the fund and having met all other requirements of the law and thereby having earned maximum benefits provided will no longer be required to make monthly contributions for his or her membership and will retain all of the rights and privileges as provided any other member.

All applicants for membership must join the fund with the initial fee as determined by the board based on the recommendation of the actuary and a monthly fee set by the board in the same manner as long as they maintain their membership, with no regard given for law enforcement service prior to the date of application.

If any member shall not pay the monthly fee for 60 days after its due date, the board shall give him or her notice of termination of his or her membership in the fund and of his or her right to a refund and unless he or she makes application for a refund pursuant to Section 36-21-74 within 60 days after the mailing of the notice, all amounts heretofore paid by him or her to the fund shall be returned to him or her in accordance with Section 36-21-74. Any member so terminated who later applies for membership in the fund shall lose credit for all of his or her qualified service up to the time of such termination and, upon approval of his or her new application, will become a new member in the fund.

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