Section 36-21-73

Appointment of actuary; action upon report; liability for deficiency in payments.

The board shall have appointed and employed an actuary to make an actuarial valuation every three years or earlier, if deemed required, of the receipts and income accruing to the fund based on age, expected mortality, disability, and retirement status of the members and the qualified service and membership service of members and to determine what percentage of the proposed payments, annuities, and benefits set forth in this article may be paid if the fund is to be kept on an actuarily sound basis and in an actuarily solvent condition. Upon receipt of the report of the actuary, the executive director shall present it to a meeting of the board which shall have the power and shall be required to make adjustments of annuities and benefits, up or down, as are recommended by the actuary. Any increase or reduction in benefits resulting from any actuarial study or from any subsequent amendment of this article shall be applicable to all persons then receiving such benefits, even though such persons had theretofore received benefits at a different rate.

In no event shall the board, the fund, the association, the order, or any member, officer, director, or employee of any thereof or the state or any subdivision thereof or any municipality therein be liable to any member or any beneficiary or any representative of any member or any beneficiary of the fund for any deficiency in payments made pursuant to this article and pursuant to any adjustments of annuities and benefits, up or down, as are recommended by the actuary.

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