Section 36-21-75

Semiannual reports of executive director; annual audits of acts and affairs of board.

(a) The executive director shall make semiannual reports to the board showing the total amount of money on hand at the time of such report, all investments then held by the board and itemizing by classifications all receipts and disbursements since the last such semiannual report.

(b) The Chief Examiner of Public Accounts of the state is hereby authorized and directed to make an annual audit of the acts and affairs of the board for each fiscal year of the board and to make a complete report of the same to the Legislature of Alabama. The said audit shall cover all moneys received by the board and all expenditures made by the board during the period covered by the audit.

(Acts 1969, No. 999, p. 1855, §17; Acts 1971, No. 1210, p. 2104, §16.)