Section 36-25-15

Candidates required to file statements of economic interests; notification requirements; failure to submit statement.

(a) Candidates at every level of government shall file a completed statement of economic interests for the previous calendar year with the State Ethics Commission not more than five days after the candidate files his or her qualifying papers with the appropriate election official or in the case of an independent candidate, not more than five days after the date the person complies with the requirements of Section 17-9-3. Nothing in this section shall be deemed to require a second filing of the person's statement of economic interests if a current statement of economic interests is on file with the commission.

(b) Each election official who receives a declaration of candidacy or petition to appear on the ballot for election from a candidate, within five days of the receipt, shall notify the commission of the name of the candidate, as defined in this chapter, and the date on which the person became a candidate. The commission, within five business days of receipt of the notification, shall notify the election official whether the candidate has complied with this section.

(c) Other provisions of the law notwithstanding, if a candidate does not submit a statement of economic interests or when applicable, an amended statement of economic interests in accordance with the requirements of this chapter, the name of the person shall not appear on the ballot and the candidate shall be deemed not qualified as a candidate in that election. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the commission, for good cause shown, may allow the candidate an additional five days to file the statement of economic interests. If a candidate is deemed not qualified, the appropriate election official shall remove the name of the candidate from the ballot.

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