Section 36-25-23

Lobbying activities prohibited during elected term of office; floor privileges of former members of Legislature; solicitation of lobbyists by public officials or employees; contracts to provide lobbying services contingent upon legislative action.

(a) No public official elected to a term of office shall serve for a fee as a lobbyist or otherwise represent a client, including his or her employer, before any legislative body or any branch of state or local government, including the executive and judicial branches of government, and including the Legislature of Alabama or any board, agency, commission, or department thereof, during the term or remainder of the term for which the official was elected. For purposes of this subsection, such prohibition shall not include a former member of the Alabama Judiciary who as an attorney represents a client in a legal, non-lobbying capacity.

(b) No former member of the House of Representatives or the Senate of the State of Alabama shall be extended floor privileges of either body in a lobbying capacity.

(c) No public official, public employee, or group of public officials or public employees shall solicit any lobbyist to give any thing whether or not the thing solicited is a thing of value to any person or entity for any purpose other than a campaign contribution.

(d) No principal or lobbyist shall accept compensation for, or enter into a contract to provide lobbying services which is contingent upon the passage or defeat of any legislative action.

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