Section 41-10-652


When used in this division, the following terms shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

(1) ANCILLARY COSTS shall mean the costs incurred in acquiring and constructing public improvements that benefit all or any part of the project including, without limitation, (i) improvements to streets, roads and bridges, (ii) improvements to water and sewer systems, gas and electric systems, and other utilities providing services to any part of the project, (iii) improvements to the police, fire, and emergency rescue services provided to the company by local governmental entities, and (iv) improvements to transportation systems benefiting the company, such as railroad spur and switching facilities.

(2) AUTHORITY shall mean the Alabama 21st Century Authority, which is provided for pursuant to Division 1.

(3) BONDS shall mean the bonds that are authorized herein to be issued by the authority.

(4) COMPANY shall mean an internationally renowned company that commits to locate a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Alabama during calendar year 1999.

(5) LOCAL GOVERNMENTAL ENTITY means any county or municipality or any public corporation or instrumentality thereof that provides incentives to the company to locate the project in the State of Alabama.

(6) MANUFACTURING FACILITY shall mean the manufacturing plant that will be constructed for use by the company in the State of Alabama.

(7) PERSON, unless limited to a natural person by the context in which it is used, shall mean a private firm, a private association, a public or private corporation, a municipality, a county, or an agency, department, or instrumentality of the state or of a county or municipality.

(8) PLEDGED REVENUES shall mean all revenues received by the state pursuant to any federal tobacco-related settlement, any tobacco-related appropriations made by the United States Congress to the State of Alabama, and any revenues received by the state as a result of litigation against any tobacco-related industry, which revenues will be deposited in the special fund pursuant to Division 1.

(9) PROJECT shall mean all land, buildings, equipment, and other improvements constituting the manufacturing facility and the training facility, and all real and personal properties being necessary or useful in connection therewith.

(10) PROJECT COSTS shall mean all costs and expenses incurred by the authority or any person in connection with the acquisition, construction, installation and equipping of any part of the project, including without limitation, any of the following:

a. The direct costs of acquiring, constructing, installing, and equipping any part of the project, including building materials, equipment, labor costs, and payments to contractors, subcontractors, builders, and materialmen;

b. The costs of acquiring land or rights in land for use in the project, and any costs incidental thereto, including recording fees;

c. The costs of site preparation for any part of the project;

d. The costs of contract bonds and of insurance of all kinds that may be required or necessary during the acquisition, construction, or installation of any part of the project;

e. The costs of architectural and engineering services, including without limitation, test borings, surveys, estimates, plans and specifications, preliminary investigations, environmental mitigation, and supervision of construction, as well as for the performance of all the duties acquired by or consequent upon the acquisition, construction, and installation of any part of the project;

f. The costs incurred in connection with installation of fixtures and equipment, surveys, including archeological and environmental surveys, site tests and inspections, subsurface site work, excavation, removal of structures, roadways, cemeteries, and other surface obstructions, filling, grading and provisions for drainage, storm water retention, installation of utilities, including water, sewer, sewage treatment, gas, electricity, communications, and other similar facilities, off-site construction of utility extensions to the boundaries of the project, and paving;

g. Interest accruing with respect to the bonds for a period of up to two years after the issuance of the bonds;

h. All costs, expenses, and fees incurred in connection with actions taken to induce the company to locate the manufacturing facility in the state and with the issuance of the bonds, including without limitation, all legal, accounting, financial, printing, recording, filing, and other fees and expenses;

i. The costs of obtaining bond insurance, letters of credit, or other forms of credit enhancement for liquidity facilities;

j. Amounts to be deposited in any reserve fund established with respect to the bonds;

k. All other costs of a nature comparable to or required in connection with those described;

l. Reimbursement to any person of any of the foregoing costs incurred by the person either for its own account or for the account of the authority and without regard to when incurred.

(11) SPECIAL FUND shall mean the Alabama 21st Century Fund established pursuant to Division 1.

(12) TRAINING COSTS shall mean all reasonable and necessary expenses of (i) performing pre-employment screening and training of employees and prospective employees of the company, regardless of whether or not such prospective employees are ultimately hired by the company, (ii) operating and maintaining any training facility, and (iii) performing basic training as well as actual on-line training in operation, production control, trouble-shooting, and management.

(13) TRAINING FACILITY shall mean any facility to be used for the purpose of providing vocational, technical, or other training for employees or prospective employees of the company, regardless of whether or not such training facility is owned or operated by the company or is within close proximity of the manufacturing facility.

(Act 99-391, p. 641, §3.)