Section 5-19A-3

Pawnbroker to enter on pawn ticket record of information.

At the time of making the pawn or purchase transaction, the pawnbroker shall enter on the pawn ticket a record of the following information which shall be typed or written in ink and in the English language:

(1) A clear and accurate description of the property, including model and serial number if indicated on the property.

(2) The name, residence address, and date of birth of the pledgor or seller.

(3) Date of the pawn or purchase transaction.

(4) Type of identification and the identification number accepted from pledgor or seller.

(5) Description of the pledgor including approximate height, sex, and race.

(6) Amount of cash advanced.

(7) The maturity date of the pawn transaction and the amount due.

(8) The monthly rate and pawn charges.

(Acts 1992, No. 92-597, p. 1227, §3.)