Section 5-19A-9

Pledgor presenting pawn ticket entitled to redeem or repurchase goods; lost or damaged pledged goods in possession of pawnbroker; lost, destroyed, or stolen pawn ticket.

(a) Any person properly identified as pledgor or as authorized representative of the pledgor and presenting a pawn ticket to the pawnbroker shall be entitled to redeem or repurchase the pledged goods described in the ticket. In the event pledged goods are lost or damaged while in the possession of the pawnbroker, it shall be the responsibility of the pawnbroker to replace the lost or damaged goods with like kinds of merchandise and proof of replacement shall be a defense to any prosecution. For the purposes of this subsection, "lost" includes pledged goods that have been destroyed or have disappeared due to willful neglect that results in the pledged goods being unavailable for return to the pledgor.

(b) If the pawn ticket is lost, destroyed, or stolen, the pledgor shall so notify the pawnbroker in writing, and receipt of this notice shall invalidate the pawn ticket, if the pledged goods have not previously been redeemed. Before delivering the pledged goods or issuing a new pawn ticket, the pawnbroker shall require the pledgor to make a written statement of the loss, destruction, or theft of the ticket. The pawnbroker shall record on the written statement the identifying information required by Section 5-19A-3, the date the statement is given, and the number of the pawn ticket lost, destroyed, or stolen. The statement shall be signed by the pawnbroker or the pawnshop employee who accepts the statement from the pledgor. A pawnbroker is entitled to a fee not to exceed five dollars in connection with each lost, destroyed, or stolen pawn ticket and the taking of a properly prepared written statement for the pawn ticket.

(Acts 1992, No. 92-597, p. 1227, §9.)