Section 6-5-520

Intent of Legislature; legislative findings; collateral source rule modified.

The Legislature finds that product liability litigation has increased substantially and the cost of such litigation has risen in recent years. The Legislature further finds that these increases have an impact upon the price and availability of products. It is the belief of the Legislature that there are special reasons for modifying the collateral source rule in this state as it applies to product liability actions. The Legislature finds that the recovery by plaintiffs of medical and hospital expenses as damages where plaintiffs are reimbursed for the same medical and hospital expenses from other sources contributes to the increase in the cost of product liability litigation. It is the intent of the Legislature that plaintiffs be compensated fully for any medical or hospital expenses incurred as a result of injuries sustained from a breach of product liability laws, but that plaintiffs not receive compensation more than once for the same medical and hospital expenses.

(Acts 1979, No. 79-476, p. 876, §1.)