Section 6-6-314

Liability of lessee holding over; how such recovered.

Any person who, having entered into the possession of lands and tenements under a contract of lease, forcibly or unlawfully retains the possession thereof after the expiration of his term or refuses to surrender the same on the written demand of the lessor, his agent, or attorney or legal representative, is liable for double the amount of the annual rent agreed to be paid under such contract and for such other special damages as may be thereby sustained by the party thus unlawfully kept out of possession, to be recovered as now provided by law in actions of unlawful detainer or by a civil action for damages.

(Code 1867, §3312; Code 1876, §3709; Code 1886, §3391; Code 1896, §2137; Code 1907, §4273; Code 1923, §8014; Code 1940, T. 7, §977.)