Section 6-9-120

Return showing goods levied on unsold; issuance of writ; form of writ.

When goods levied on remain in the hands of the officer unsold, it is his duty to make return of the fact; and, thereupon, the clerk must issue a writ for the sale thereof in substance as follows:

The State of Alabama,

_____ County.

To the Sheriff of said County:

You are hereby commanded to sell those goods and chattels of _____, which you have taken pursuant to our command, and which, according to your return, remain in your hands unsold, to satisfy _____ the sum of _____ dollars, recovered by him of the said _____ by the judgment of our circuit (or district) court, held for the County of _____ on the _____ day of _____, 19__, and _____ dollars, cost of the action; and make return of this writ and execution thereof according to law.

Witness my hand, this _____ day of _____, 19__.

_____ Clerk or Register.

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