Section 6-9-143

Liability of purchaser for not complying with terms of sale; form of action against purchaser.

(a) Any person who may become the purchaser of any real or personal estate at any sale which may be made at public outcry by an executor, administrator or guardian or by any sheriff or other officer under and by virtue of any execution or other legal process and who shall fail or refuse to comply with the terms of such sale when requested so to do shall be liable for the amount of such purchase money, and it shall be at the option of such sheriff or other officer either to proceed against such purchaser for the full amount of the purchase money or to resell such real or personal estate and then proceed against the first purchaser for the deficiency arising from such sale.

(b) The action provided for in subsection (a) of this section may be commenced in the name of the sheriff or other officer making the sale for the use of the plaintiff or defendant in execution or for any other person in interest, as the case may be.

(Code 1907, §§4129, 4130; Code 1923, §§7844, 7845; Code 1940, T. 7, §§556, 557.)