Section 6-9-160

Restoration of property levied on to debtor upon executing bond; execution on forfeiture of bond; exception.

(a) When personal property is levied on by the sheriff, if the defendant executes bond with sufficient surety in double the amount of the execution payable to the plaintiff and conditioned to deliver the property levied on to the proper officer by 12:00 noon of the day and at the place appointed for the sale thereof, the sheriff must restore the property to the defendant.

(b) If the property is not delivered according to the condition of the bond, the sheriff must return it forfeited within five days thereafter to the register or clerk's office out of which the execution issued, endorsing thereon a forfeiture of the bond; and it is then the duty of the clerk or register, without delay, to issue execution on the forfeited bond against all the obligors therein for the judgment and costs, upon which no security of any kind can be taken, which he must endorse on the writ.

(c) Subsections (a) and (b) of this section do not apply to executions issued on judgments against sheriff, coroner or other officers of court against whom judgment is obtained for failing to pay over money collected by or paid to them in their official capacity, and the clerk or register must endorse on all such executions, "No security of any kind to be taken."

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