Section 6-9-40

Real and personal property; equity of redemption therein.

Executions may be levied:

(1) On real property to which the defendant has a legal title or a perfect equity, having paid the purchase money, or in which he has a vested legal interest in possession, reversion, or remainder, whether he has the entire estate or is entitled to it in common with others.

(2) On personal property of the defendant, except things in action, whether he has the absolute title thereto or the right only to the possession thereof for his own life, the life of another or any shorter period, but this does not apply to a possession acquired by a bona fide hiring of chattels.

(3) On an equity of redemption in either land or personal property. When any interest less than the absolute title is sold, the purchaser is subrogated to all the rights of the defendant and subject to all his disabilities.

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