Section 6-9-97

Return - Sheriff of another county.

The return of an execution or other process by a sheriff of a county other than that from which the process issued may be made through the postal service, and the certificate of the postmaster that it was placed in his office in time, by the usual course of mail, to reach the courthouse of the county where the return has to be made, by the return day of the writ, shall be presumptive evidence for the sheriff of the fact, but the sheriff is not authorized to send money by the mail without the consent of the plaintiff in execution.

(Code 1852, §2440; Code 1867, §2855; Code 1876, §3193; Code 1886, §2902; Code 1896, §1900; Code 1907, §4102; Code 1923, §7817; Code 1940, T. 7, §529.)