Section 9-13-103

Proceedings as to persons designing to engage in acts prejudicial to collection of taxes, etc.

If the department finds that a person liable for taxes under any provisions of this article designs quickly to depart from the state or to remove his property therefrom, or to conceal himself or his property therein or to do any other act tending to prejudice or to render wholly or partly ineffectual proceedings to collect such tax unless such proceedings are brought without delay, the department shall cause notice of such finding to be given such person together with a demand for an immediate return and immediate payment of such taxes. Thereupon such taxes shall become immediately due and payable. If such person is not in default in making such return or paying any taxes prescribed by this article and furnishes evidence satisfactory to the department under regulations to be prescribed by the department that he will duly return and pay the taxes to which the department's finding relates, then such tax shall not be payable prior to the time otherwise fixed for payment. If such person fails to appear and make such showing, then the department shall make such assessment final and execution may immediately issue as is provided in this article.

(Acts 1945, No. 169, p. 285, §23.)