Section 9-13-104

Reports of transporters of forest products - Required.

When requested by the department, all transporters of forest products out of, within or across the State of Alabama shall be required to furnish the department, under oath and upon forms prescribed by the department, any and all information relative to the transportation of forest products, and the reports shall contain, in addition to other required information, the name of the shipper, the date of shipment, the quantity and type or character of the forest products, stated in units or measurements applicable to the forest products, the point of receipt or shipment, and the point of destination. In the case of common carriers using bills of lading or way bills prescribed or approved by the Interstate Commerce Commission, the common carriers shall only be required to keep the usual records at the office or offices in this state where the records are usually kept.

(Acts 1945, No. 169, p. 285, §25; Act 2017-301, §1.)